Caribbean Buzz Management has got something for you! It really is aircraft ownership simplified. Caribbean Buzz Management has been taking care and servicing aircraft owners with excellent standards of service. We understand that owning an aircraft is a major investment that comes with considerable responsibilities.

When you select Caribbean Buzz Management to support the operation of your aircraft, you gain a full range of services focused on safety, service and savings. Our focus on the management of your aviation asset allows you to simply enjoy the benefits of your investment – flexibility, convenience and reliability.

Caribbean Buzz Management only hires pilots and personnel that share this commitment and knowledge for aviation. Nicolas and Maria started their aviation careers around 1985 and they both continue to build professional skills and networks for their client base. This enthusiastic pair started it all and they have created a seamless flight operations base for their aircraft owners.

Caribbean Buzz Management’s particular expertise lies in remote aircraft assistance. We have a highly trained group of pilots that can fly anywhere in the world. We also take into account a client’s particular interests and lifestyle when selecting pilots for missions. We manage aircraft worldwide.

Among some of the services provided in our aircraft management are:

  • Aircraft Storage: By leveraging our industry contacts, we find the best FBO (Fixed Base Operator) and hangar space for your aircraft.
  • Maintenance: We ensure that all inspections are made according to MFP (Manufacture Program) and on time. Aircraft under our management receives hands-on oversight of maintenance and repairs. Our people know what is happening on site with the aircraft.
  • Crew Staffing: All crew exceed FAA training requirements and maintain the highest standards of safety and service expectations. Most of our pilots are also instructors and are at the peak of their careers.
  • Flight Planning and Scheduling: We are constantly monitoring weather conditions and can make adjustments to get you where you need to go. Just let us know.
  • Detailed Accounting: We track expenditures from fuel to crew accommodations and provide detailed invoices.
  • Customer Service: Caribbean Buzz Management is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Consulting: Caribbean Buzz Management can offer its expertise and experience to help you purchase your aircraft by finding the right aircraft that fits your needs. We can assist with the negotiation, pre-inspection, flight demonstration, and purchase of your aircraft.

For more information on all our services please contact us at