A Swirl Tour Day!

Jerry Becker flew a tour this afternoon and caught this beautiful sight off Tortola on his camera phone! You never know what show awaits you!

School Career Fair Day!

Caribbean Buzz participated in the 2013 Guy Benjamin School Career Fair. Our pilot, Jerry, flew over to the school in St. John and landed in their field to give students an idea of pilot life. The students loved it!

They were so excited about the helicopter and asked a lot of questions. Looks like we might have some new pilots soon. Read more in the St. John Source article.

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You never know where you could be next!




Caribbean Buzz in USA Today

Catching a helicopter ride with Caribbean Buzz is a top activity to do in the Virgin Islands according to USA Today! See more about what they have to say about Caribbean Buzz.



Feels good to be in St. Thomas

Whether you call it home or are just visiting, landing on runway 10 in St. Thomas is an experience in itself!

Just stunning and it always feels good to be somewhere like this when you step off your flight!